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Enseadev works with you either in the choice of third-party software for your business or in developing custom solutions. Our goal is to provide all you need to focus more on your core business.

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Why Choosing Enseadev?

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A team of dedicated developers

A team of developers will work with you to choose the best solutions for your business.

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Documentation and support

We provide detailed documentation to enable you to manage your website or applications easily. Moreover, if needed, our team will always be available to provide the support you need.

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Up to date with technological trend

Software and applications are shaping the world. To ensure you are always ahead of the competition, you must stay alert to the surrounding changes. One of our goals is to help you achieve it.

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Innovate and create new features

You can work with a team of professional developers to build and maintain innovative solutions for your business. Throughout the years, we have been able to turn cms or frameworks to fit into customers' needs.

Enseadev provides some ready to use solutions for your business.

Enseadev is delighted to show you some of our custom plugins or modules for your website or applications. Click on our solutions to find out more.

Latest News

We share some tricks or tips that may help you save some money in your business on our blog. 

Tips for choosing the best CMS for your website

Tips for choosing the best CMS for your website

Choosing the best CMS for your website is a little bit tricky. As you probably already know, Content Management Systems (CMS) are the best tools for website development. However, choosing the right one is crucial for the


Most frequent questions and answers

Custom software is a tailor-made application that allows you to partially or fully manage your activities. On like general software, a custom software is specifically for your activities. 

Software in general.

As a result, you can use software to increase your productivity and save time in your day-to-day operations. For instance, most applications that we have today help us in various ways to improve our livings. For example, you can use a software to send email or get notifications. You may also use the application to plan your daily activities. 

The cost of software depends on your projects, the features, and your vision in the long term. Most software ranges from $0 to $1000 per month. As for custom software, we will give a proper estimate if we have an idea of what you want. However, it would be best if you understood that, unlike a SaaS application, custom software entirely is yours.

Pricing model at Enseadev

At Enseadev, we usually have two types of pricing. A price for new projects and a cost that we charge for existing solutions. For instance, a new solution will be easier to evaluate in terms of development time. Hence, we will suggest a price based on our pass experiences. As such, we will have an agreement base of how much time it may take. 

We are more focused on custom software for businesses and third-party software integration. For instance, if you need software to manage your projects, a live chat tool or a timesheet, we can work with you throughout the process to ensure that you have software that best fits your requirements. Moreover, if you have software that you would like to add to your existing solutions, we can assist you with the integration.

Most of the SaaS software offers limited customizations. You can, for example, from your user interface, do some changes like choosing a different design, altering elements positions or adding extra features.

Most advanced featured are restricted

A SaaS owner will usually give you access to the area he/she is of importance to your business. That is the reason you can go beyond options that they provide. 

In most cases, you own your data in a SaaS application. It depends on the agreement you have with the SaaS company. Most of them would give you an option to retrieve your data if you’d like to. That is the reason you should read the terms and conditions carefully before enrolling with any SaaS company.

Rules can change from one SaaS applications to another

There is no fixed answer to that. It would depend on how the vendor went out of business. If, for example, before going out of business, they were issues with their data centre, it would not be easy to retrieve your data. The answer to the latter would be to start from scratch. On the other, if you can recover your data, you can see how to have a backup and use it for an alternative vendor. We would strongly recommend having a copy of your data locally to avoid such a problem.

The ideal option for any business would be to have a self-hosted application for their activities. However, developing, hosting and maintaining self-hosted software is not always easy. Hence, before asking yourself whether you should go for a SaaS or self-hosted, you should evaluate the project’s cost, the advantages and probably all the resources. Nevertheless, self-hosted is the best option for applications to accomplish a few things within your organization. In comparison, SaaS is the best if you can afford self-hosted software.

One of the reasons why businesses enrol for software is to save time and money. Hence, before choosing any software, you need to compare the features with your needs. In order words, you should ask yourself whether software with increases your productivity or makes it easy to manage your business. Furthermore, concerning the cost, evaluating how much you will save with software can help you ask yourself questions about the benefit. Finally, take time to read the terms and conditions.


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