About Us

Prositeweb-freelancing is a platform reserved for self-employed workers who want to practice or who already exercise web professions. The platform brings together workers from all walks of life with skills in the design, maintenance, and improvement of web solutions. Indeed, Prositeweb-freelancing owes its birth to the founder of prositeweb Inc which is a web agency specializing in the design of web solutions. The main purpose of the platform is to decentralize the work required for the processing of agency projects into independent tasks. These tasks are then subjected to the treatments of any freelance who wishes to participate in their accomplishment. If you want to learn more about Prositeweb Inc and its activities, visit our site.

Profile of the freelancers we are looking for

We do not favor any specific profile. Anyone who can produce quality work and meet deadlines is welcome. Therefore, we seek collaboration with any English or French speaking individual with access to a computer and an internet connection.

What skills are required for freelancers?

Prosite-freelancing is first of all for the general public. On the platform, you will find tasks classified according to various categories. The skills required for a task therefore depend on the category of the task in question. For example, a content writing task requires only a good command of the language and basic knowledge of SEO. However, a task of creating short-codes will require development skills in the prescribed language. As a result, we do not require any technical skills for registration on the platform. You just need to have the ability to learn and assimilate new knowledge in the area of ​​the tasks you choose.

The principle

Prositeweb-freelancing has a simple principle. Provide tasks to self-employed workers. And also pay them on demand. The estimated time for a stain is equal to the time it takes for an expert to treat the stain. However, there is a sufficiently large delivery time ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours. The delay allows an amateur of the field to assimilate by himself the knowledge necessary to provide quality work. However, only the estimated time will be paid. Freelancers who have completed tasks will decide the frequency of remuneration: weekly, fortnightly or monthly. For each task you will be able to read a detailed description of the task and its remuneration per hourly rate.

Our tools

the management of tasks and interactions between the different participants on the platform is done through the use of several tools:

  • WhatsApp and Zoom: These two tools are used for communication. All the participants on the platform as well as the administrators are all registered in a WhatsApp group. This allows fluid and instant communication and facilitates advice in the event of a problem. On the other hand, Zoom is used exclusively in case of necessity, in the case where face-to-face meetings are required for certain adjustments.
  • File Transfer Software: The tasks of the web development category require file transfer software such as FileZilla. Indeed, you will have to transfer the files and codes directly to our server.
  • The task management dashboard: This tool enables task processing. We provide access to the dashboard in the description of each task.

How to access the Prositeweb-freelancing platform?

Registration to the platform

Registration on the platform is easy and takes just a few steps. First, go to the platform login page by clicking HERE. Then choose registration and enter the requested information. Finally, submit your registration form, and that’s it. A coordinator will validate your registration form within 6 hours of your request.

Connection to the platform

Once your registration is validated, go to the login page by clicking HERE. Enter your credentials and log in. Here you are on the Prositeweb Inc. platform. To begin with, you will first have a visitor status. You will therefore not be able to have access to all the functionalities of the platform. You will therefore need a little patience for your status to change to that of freelance. This is to give you time to get used to the interface. However, the waiting period does not exceed 24 hours. Once the status is changed, you will have access to all available features and tasks. Read a tutorial for getting started with the task system by clicking HERE

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