Indeed, at the end of your registration, your registration form will arrive at the administrator as a request. The point is that the system for validating requests is not automated. As a result, there is a delay between sending your request and approving your account. This period is relatively short. However, it will take a maximum of 6 hours after your registration to access the system.

You have probably just registered on the platform. Indeed, all new registrants first have a visitor status. You can thus adapt to the interface and complete your profile information. However, the activities become accessible after you change your status from visitor to freelance. Allow up to 24 hours for the change of status.

You can choose a maximum of 5 spots at the same time. We set this number to ensure that deadlines are effectively met. Another reason is to prevent a speaker from monopolizing the tasks. You may, however, have enough experience to quickly complete your tasks. In this case, you will be able to select new ones, as long as the number of assigned tasks remains below 5.

First of all, the platform administrator approves your registration and grants your freelance status. This status gives you direct access to all the projects offered on the platform. You select the projects/tasks that interest you (a maximum of 5). It is up to the administrator to assign them to you or not. Then, the administrator performs quality control on the tasks/projects that you have delivered. You will receive your compensation only after positive quality control.

If you can’t find the edit button for a chosen task, refresh your browser page. If despite this the problem persists, notify your problem in the activity’s WhatsApp group. An administrator will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Compensation for each task is calculated by multiplying the hourly billing rate by the time allocated to the task. This period is independent of the delivery time, it rather corresponds to the time that a professional in the field would take to process the said task.

The hourly rate of pay ranges from 15 to 25 Canadian dollars. However, the quality of your work and your skills may increase this rate for the tasks assigned to your account.

It is advisable to read the description of the tasks carefully before selecting them. However if you do not have the skills to carry out a chosen task, you will only have to click on the button « cancel the assignment » in its description to disengage yourself.

A situation beyond your control may prevent you from making a delivery on time. In this case, make a request in the WhatsApp group to request a postponement of delivery on this task. However, a recurrence of requests of this type will earn you a penalty ranging from a limit on the number of tasks to be chosen, to outright exclusion from the platform.

We pay you by means of money transfer in effect in your country of residence. For example, Canadian residents will be able to receive their remuneration by bank transfer, while African residents will receive their due through mobile payment services. Be sure to send your exact contact details at the request of the platform administrators.

The color code of the tasks provides information on the status of the tasks. Indeed, a stain without color is a stain available or in treatment. The blue color indicates a submitted job awaiting quality control. A red spot rather indicates a task unavailable or already processed and awaiting removal from the list. Finally, a task in green indicates a task completed and validated by quality control.