heatmap – Using customers interactions to build a better website
heatmap - Using customers interactions to build a better website


Heatmap lets you see where visitors are clicking.

Each time I open my #heatmap, I am amazed to know the percentage of clicks on each part of my website. Thanks to Lucky Orange for such a great analysis tool. If you want to find out more, Lucky Orange is an online software used to record all the activities on your website. In fact, with the tool, you have an idea of how a visitor left your site and what they did. Moreover, it suggests a heatmap that can help you in many ways. The heatmap will, for example, tell you the percentage of clicks on a page.

With the heatmap, I can analyze the interaction of visitors to my website. Moreover, I can understand what my visitors are searching for on my website.  Adding to that, I can easily make necessary changing to increase my conversion rate.

How did I start using it?

I was introduced to lucky orange by one of my friends @john Castel to give you a background. As soon as I started using it, I understood why many websites do not convert visitors to customers. Some of the reasons are :

  • First of all,  call-to-action buttons are not in the right places. And so, people are clicking on areas hoping to land somewhere else.
  • Secondly, the checkout or contact process steps are not clear enough. For that reason, customers will turn round and round on the website and leave.
  • Thirdly, some of the features of websites are not always functional in every browser. For example, some users using chrome would be able to checkout easily while others with Explorer and Safari. I will leave after attempting to place an order unsuccessfully.
  • Finally, some pages are fully responsive on some devices.
There are options with the tools like a heatmap. For example, try Lucky Orange if you run a website with many visitors coming in and you have no conversion.  You can, for example. Use that to see some mistakes on your website.
Do you need help setting up lucky orange or any productivity tool for your organization? Contact us.



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