How to Connect

The interface of the Prositeweb-freelancing platform is easy to learn. However, we present here a tutorial to illustrate the important steps in the selection, processing and validation of a task.

Login page

The login page requires a username and a valid password to give you access to the platform. But if you don’t have an account, register by clicking on « sign-up ».

Home page

The home page presents all the information about your account in clickable links. For example, you can find out about your status (freelance or visitor) under your avatar. If you have the « visitor » status, you will not have the activity link. The list of activities is only accessible for « freelance » status. It is also possible on this page to have access to the activity report, the profile and the list of activities.

View profile

By clicking on the « profile » link on the previous page, you are taken to the profile page. We recommend that you enter as much information as possible to allow us to better manage our administration and finances.

View account tasks

First, you access the list of tasks for your account by clicking on « extra activities », then on « freelance » on the home page. The list of account tasks is displayed. If you are newly registered, there will naturally be no tasks. But for the example we have, we are already working on a task. Indeed, you will notice in the image that a task is already assigned. This is informed about its category, its processing language, the number of hours allocated to it, the hourly rate of remuneration, the delivery time, and finally its status. Further up the page, we find the total number of working hours of the account, the total amount to be received for the work done, the number of hours of the group’s work and the total amount to be paid for all the tasks completed in the platform.

Select from a new task

Click « all project » on the account’s task page. You will then have the list of tasks on the platform. In our example, colors are assigned to certain tasks. Indeed, a green color corresponds to a task already completed and validated, blue refers to a task completed but awaiting validation, and finally the tasks in red are no longer available on the platform. Check the statuses to find the available tasks. For example, the « paypal payment module » task has an « open » status. It is therefore available. Let’s select this task by clicking on its title.

See the job description

When you select an available task by clicking on its title, its description is displayed.

You can see all the information related to the task in the description page. In particular, we find the description and the category of the task. There is also information on the allocated budget. Finally, if you are interested in the task, request an assignment by clicking on the « assign to me » button. A confirmation message will ask you to confirm your request.

Task awaiting assignment

After sending a request to assign a task, it appears in the list of tasks for the account. However, the task appears under the status « Pending for review ». This implies that an administrator will have to examine the request and validate it.

The administrator assigns a task

The platform administrator approves your task assignment request. Therefore, the status of the task in question changes and becomes « assigned ». You can start working.

Work on a task

Start working on a task by going to the dashboard. To do this, click on the title of the task. You will notice the appearance of new buttons. Click on the « Edit post » button to go to the task’s dashboard and process it. After completing the task, return to the description page and submit your work by clicking « Send for validation ». Finally, finish sending your work by validating the confirmation message.

The submitted job is awaiting validation

After sending your work, a blue color appears on your task, and the status now displays « Completed and need validation ». This means that an administrator is performing a quality control at the end of which he will give a verdict.

Admin approves your work

Your work has passed quality control. The status of the task then becomes « Completed » and a green color appears. Finally, the system updates the total working time and compensation on your account.